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There has been a tremendous increase in the usage of mobile phones and more than ever, people now prefer to access the internet through their smartphones, tablets and any other mobile devices. This act has now led to several businesses thinking of a way to use mobile devices to expand their customer reach. Responsive web design is a term that was first used by Ethan Marcotte, a web designer in 2010 and it means designing a website that can be viewed easily on mobile devices. Ever since 2010, responsive web designing has become the major sales strategy most online businesses are employing to reach out to a larger number of audience. Online businesses need to upgrade their web designs constantly so that it can be viewed easily on mobile devices. If a website was built to be viewed specifically on a desktop computer, it then becomes impossible for it to be properly viewed on a mobile device. Therefore it is necessary for businesses to make several changes on a regular basis because whether they like it or not, the web has gone mobile. A Responsive web design benefits SEO in so many ways and since the sole aim of an online business is to be found at the top 10 in search engine results, it then becomes a necessity to make your website mobile to get more visitors to your site. Some of the benefits of Responsive Web design to SEO include:

It helps to improve a website’s Conversion Rate
Responsive web design help you to have a higher conversion rate. A website that is non-responsive would likely have a negative impact on your business as you may not be able to compete with other businesses that have built their website to be mobile friendly. To ensure the growth of your business, it is important to get your business to the front of more people than your competitors and it is only a Responsive web design that will ensure that your business gets to a larger audience increasing the conversion rate. A responsive web design helps you to stay ahead of your competitors and since most internet users now prefer to surf the web on their mobile, a responsive web design will be the key that improves your website visibility and also increase the conversion rate.